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    Question Advice needed
    Hi, I've decided to get a 12" ibook (I've sooo fallen in love with it) but I still have one last doubt and I would very much appreciate if you could give me some advice.
    Since the 12" doesn't come with a superdrive (and I gather that iDVD now works with external burners and creates img files) I was thinking that maybe I could get an external burner. My questions therefore are:

    1) Can you suggest some external burners that work well with both Macs and PCs? ('cause I also have a Desktop PC and I would use it with both)

    but most importantly:

    2) In case I decided to get an internal burner for my PC, would I still be able to burn an iDVD img (transferred via Lan on the PC) with Nero, Alcohol or the likes?

    Thanks to all of you who will be so kind as to help me unravel this doubt

    P.S. Some of you may wonder why I haven't considered a 14"... It's just that, right now, portability is my top priority.

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    1. I'll leave it to some of the other posters here to give their opinions on DVD writers. I know the LaCie drives get a lot of rave reviews here.

    2. You need to convert the iDVD file to a standard ISO image before transferring it to your PC. Fortunately, the tool to do this is built into the Mac. Directions can be found here.

    ...and nobody's gonna question your decision on buying a 12". I did, and it's perfect for me. :-)

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    Thanks a lot
    Thank you so much! Now I can buy the 12" with no regrets...

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