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    Best Firewire External Hard-Drive for Mac?
    I have been waiting for Thunderbolt Hard-drives to come out, but with none out yet, i need a fast and reliable 3TB External Hardrive for my macbook pro.

    I will be using it for All my Picture, Audio and Video Files

    Pictures - Photoshop Files, all raw jpegs ect.
    Video - Using in Final Cut X, HD Footage, ect
    Audio - Pro Tools Files, Reason 5, ect

    so i wanted a fast firewire but so far havent found anything good priced with good ratings.

    looking for a super deal, around $150 for 3TB External Hard-drive with Firewire

    Any Suggestions?


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    Much of a muchness really if you stick with a popular brand such as Western Digital other than Green, Seagate, Fujitsu, Hitchi etc. Be aware Firewire 800 drives arenever cheap. Just grab the best you can find and be happy.

    Also check the warranty offered. Seagate were offering a five year warranty at one stage. Also consider Mercury Elite:-
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    Just purchased 320Gb Seagate GoFlex at Target for $54.99 plus a Firewire 800 adapter for $19.99 at Best Buy. So far seems to work fine with Time Machine. Newegg has a 3Tb GoFlex for $149.99. Add the $19.99 for the Firewire 800 adapter and price seems reasonable.

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