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    Jun 21, 2011
    bunch of questions about boot camp and the like
    sorry if all these questions may have been answered but honest to God
    i tried to look for some but they seem out of date. so just for the sake of updated information.

    So here's the thing i have a mac book pro 2.4 Ghz intel core duo 4 GB of ram
    and im planning to install windows 7 note: my mac has no previous installation of windows

    - is it advisable for me to install windows 7 and if so what is the recommended partition for playing around two games and needed software? in short just the right size?

    - we have three macs in the house and im planning to get the windows 7 premium UPGRADE family pack. is it avisable for me to get it? i have done my fair share of research "" and according to this guy it is possible. but the post was over a year ago and things might have changed too much cash to risk so if anyone out there has just recently done it please inform me

    -in the instance that i have already installed windows in the partition then suddenly decided to buy parallels if i reinstall the windows again on the same mac wouldnt it be voided? since its installed in two different hard drives?

    i appreciate all the help i can get as you can see one wouldnt want to screw this up being that the windows 7 family pack upgrade is not exatly cheap.
    thank you

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    Jun 21, 2011
    bunch of questions about boot camp and the like

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    im sorry i thought i wasn't able to post my first post as it didn't appear immediately sorry bout that

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    did i just accidentaly delete my orignial post?
    its all gone lol

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