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    First of all just want to say thanks for these forums and look forward to many posts. I recent purchased a Macbook A1181 white, I think its a 2006 version. Cor 2 duo 2 GB of ram. I bought this knowing there was issues with the top case and some keys not working. I purchased a used topcase off ebay. I recently got the top case and took the mac apart to install the new topcase. When I put it back together the unit will not power on even when I tried the old top case also no power. One thing that did happen was when I took it apart there is a gold cable coming from the hdd which looks to go into the front maybe an led light that broke. Also the battery on this machine is no good but worked up to this point without the battery also the charger light does not work. I did try another known working AC adapter on the machine with still no power. Anyone have any ideas on what to test? Can I test the DC board for power? Thanks in advance everyone!

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    The only thing I can suggest is to go to iFixit: The free repair manual and compare your take apart and put together with the step by step instructions that they provide. That might help you to isolate the problem. The broken cable should be where to start first.

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