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    Is it OK to use Dell or other PC monitors with my MBP?
    I use a 17" MBP. I want to get a 2nd external monitor and am looking at craigslist. Will any monitor be fine? I assume so but figured I should ask. I'm thinking about this monitor.

    Would any Dell or PC monitor work?

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    Sure. Any monitor should work, as long as you have the appropriate adapter (DVI, VGA, etc)
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    I am using a Dell 24" 1920x1200 - works great. I did try a 1920x1080 HP monitor - but the fonts looked funny to me - so I went back to my Dell. It looked something like this
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    Couldn't find anything on the web to fix it. Tried DVI and and HDMI both looked the same. It isn't the monitor because I have a old G4 Mac Mini (through VGA) hooked up to it and it looks fine.

    Anyway - Also consider Monoprice if you are looking for a converter. Their mini display port converters are much cheaper than Apple's. (supposing you have a recent MBP, they have also mini dvi converters for older Macs.)
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