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    Exclamation MBPro 2011 Random Shut-offs and Battery Problems
    Bought the 2011 MacBook Pro the day it came out, so this system is fairly new. I did an update back in March-ish, which caused this problem to begin with. Apple was aware of the problem (several people had called tech support with the same problem) and they released some sort of firmware patch that resolved the issue. The problem did not re-occur at all for me until I updated again this weekend (I don't update very often). I'm thinking it's linked to the updates, naturally.

    At random times - it seems like when I'm watching a DVD or a video online and then I move the computer a bit - the MBP will just shut off. Completely. Turning it back on will often result in loud fan whirring, no key backlights, and a refusal to recognize external power.

    I have called tech support on this. I have a case filed with Apple and an appointment tomorrow with the Genius Bar. I have tried the SMC shutdown/reset multiple times. The problem still happens.

    What I'm asking is: is this a common problem? Is there anything I can do that I'm not already doing? Am I right in thinking it's linked to the updating?

    ETA: Finally the system detected the power cord, so I was able to do the latest firmware update. Let's hope that was the solution and I don't have to waste another 20 minutes with the whole rigamarole again.

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    It's definitely not a common problem - in fact - I'm not sure I've heard this one before. Definitely take it back to the Genius bar - let us know what they say - will be curious as to their diagnosis - but will be surprised to hear it's in anyway related to the SW updates.

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