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    Enabling the USB Port
    How do I enable the USB on my MacBook Pro? The puter is failing to see the iPod device I'm attempting to update my music.


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    Normally those ports are enabled unless something is amiss. If you plug something else into the same port (printer, thumb drive etc) is it recognized? Have you tried rebooting the system before attaching the iPod? It's not usually necessary but sometimes it clears things up.
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    Dec 07, 2010
    'Tried rebooting but no change. Haven't tried plugging anything else into it. I'll try. But let's suppose two scenarios: I plug something else in and it either does or does not work. What's the workaround for either eventuality?


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    If it does work, there is something wrong with the cable or iPod itself (probably the cable). If it doesn't work, it could be something with the port itself.

    It's hard to proceed until we know whether or not the port is working.
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    Check the System Profiler when the iPod is plugged in and see if it recognizes anything plugged into the USB port. If it sees the iPod, but doesn't mount it or launch iTunes, then it's possible the mobile device driver is hosed and has to be reinstalled. An iTunes reinstall should resolve that.

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