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    iMac 3.0 Ghz C2D 4G Ram
    Macbook HD, RAM size?
    Hey gang,
    I'm shopping the used MB market at the moment, I travel for work, and I'm mainly looking for a better option than my iPod Touch for email, movies, light duty photo editing and such while on the road. I don't need cutting edge speed or storage. My question is, how much is 'enough' for basic needs...

    At the moment, budget and the 'market' say 2.0 Ghz with about 84Gig HD and 1G of Ram in a black 13" MB

    I know the Ram will need updating later, but the HD is the question.

    Oh, and yes, I could get an iPad, but I am opting for a laptop so I can also play DVDs.

    Thanks for any/all advice.


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    I believe the hard drive is replaceable, no? For not much money you could get a 160gb drive and swap it yourself.

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    iMac 3.0 Ghz C2D 4G Ram
    That's what I've found too... which opens up other options, Thanks!

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    Upgrade the RAM, then the HDD, IMO. Upping the RAM will make the overall experience faster and more enjoyable, allowing you to run more programs in the background without your system slowing down.

    Adding a faster HDD will increase the speed of your opening applications and overall speed of the system. You'll see a more noticeable increase with more RAM though.

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