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Thread: MacBook Pro Keyboard Backlight Controls not working

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    May 29, 2011
    Unhappy MacBook Pro Keyboard Backlight Controls not working

    After browsing every thread about keyboard problems in this forum (and others) I didn't find anything helpful. Since yesterday my keyboard backlight isn't working normally any more.
    Pressing F5 or F6 shows up the HUD, but there is the " " on the bottom of the HUD, so i can't control my backlight using these keys.
    I downloaded the tool "Lab Tick", which controls my keyboard backlight - so the backlight is working.
    But i want to control my backlight with F5 and F6 again, before yesterday this was possible.

    I've also read that i should go in a dark room or whatever, but this isn't working either.

    Can you help me, please?

    PS: screenshot from my HUD is attached.
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    Nov 03, 2011
    Angry Why?
    This is exactly word for word what is happening to me right now. I just looked everywhere and people seem to think that putting your hand over the sensor solves the problem. IT DOESN'T. As soon as you remove your hand, the lights go out again. I haven't installed anything or changed any settings since yesterday (when F5 and F6 were working fine), so I don't know what could have caused this to happen. I also tried Lab Tick, and while it does do what it's meant to do, I would much rather use F5 and F6 the way they are supposed to be used (they way they have always done before yesterday). I've had my MacBook Pro for 3 years and this problem has never come up before. This is incredibly annoying.

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    Try resetting the SMC. See this Apple KB LINK.

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    Nov 30, 2011
    turn off the auto-brightness
    I had this and it was mysterious. but the fix is trivial

    Open system prefs,

    goto keyboard,

    de-select "automatically illuminate keyboard in low light"

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    Jan 04, 2012
    Macbook Pro function key problem in Window7
    Macbook Pro function key problem including keyboard light and screen brightness using Window7

    Function key stopped working

    Bootcamp.exe is not working

    Find Bootcamp.exe and activate it.
    Computer/BOOTCAMP(C)/Program files/Boot Camp/Bootcamp.exe
    Double click on the Bootcamp.exe = Function key works now

    To make this permanent solution:
    Mouse over Bootcamp.exe/right click on the mouse/Pin to start menu

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    Jan 03, 2012
    I had the same problem but after a week it started to work again

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    Mar 07, 2012
    keyboard backlight problems
    I don't know why my beyboard stopped lighting up. However I fixed it by pressing the command button and F6 at the same time.

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    Apr 26, 2012
    Lightbulb I found the solution!
    At least, I found the solution for me. I was having the exact same problem as you, I also downloaded "Lab Tick" as a test. My solution to the problem is, I put my Mac to sleep, then waited a few seconds, then woke it up, and my keyboard light was working perfectly again & I could once again control it with the F8, F9, & F10 keys (which seem to be different than most of people on here, most people say F5 & F6; same thing).

    I hope this works for you and anyone else having this issue, as well. :j Have a good one!

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