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    Question Macbook Pro Configuration
    I'm finally ready to make the switch from PC to Mac.
    I'm planning on getting a 15" mbp; 2.2 ghz model to last me all the way through university. 2-3 more years; i'm a comp sci major in second year.
    Should i get the base model or is there anything I should upgrade?
    and is it worth getting Apple Care if im keeping it that long?

    These are the educational prices : Configure - Apple Store (Canada)

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    The i7 2720QM (2.2GHZ) is fast enough. I really don't see why people go for the i7 2820QM (2.3GHZ). If you do photo editing, video editing or plan to be running a ton of applications at once, you will not need 8GB of RAM and the regular screen should work just fine. Also, take a look at the refurbished 15"
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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    The bigger reason for the faster processor is the larger L3 cache, not the processor speed. That being said, the 2.2 runs CS5.5 quite well
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