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Thread: Which Macbook should i get?

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    Jan 07, 2011
    Which Macbook should i get?
    I'm looking at a couple different macbooks, one is the 13 in aluminium unibbody 2.4 4gb of ram and a 250 hdd. The other is the newer white unibody macbook with 2.4 4gb of ram and a 320gb hdd. I make dvds, play games, and do very light video editing but with hd files. I just wanted to hear opinions and personal preference. They are both used and in great condition. Thanks for the input

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    Thats sort of a difficult decision, I think that both of them would be able to do any of those. Really they are the same, 2.4GHz, 4GB of RAM, the only difference is the HDD. However, personally I think the aluminum body, which is the one I have now, looks the best. And if you want to try you can even try and replace the HDD in the aluminum macbook to something a bit higher.

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    Jan 07, 2011
    Thanks I also saw that supposedly the new macbooks will support 8gb of ram is that true i know 4gb is what apple states but can it hold the 8gb and function? i also heard something about the 1tb internal drive works in the macbook also is this true?

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