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    To buy a new MBP or wait ?
    Off to the US for a month soon.
    My 17Ē MBP is an old core duo, so really if I want Lion Iíll need to replace it.
    so obvious choice is to get it in the US, but (and I know the probable answer) but should I get it next week or wait as Iím back in the US for August.
    So its Buy now or wait and see !

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    Are you looking at replacing it with another 17"? I'm in a similar situation but looking at a 15" instead. I think we can be pretty sure based on the MBP update cycle and the proposed release of the new Intel chips that the next refresh will be in Q1 of 2012. So the real question is now or 6 or so months from now? I've decided to go ahead and upgrade now and will be doing so in a couple weeks.

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    Not sure whether you want the later OS, Lion, or the faster computer. Lion will be available as a download from the App store, others guess it will be less than another sixty days until it is available as a DVD, if you can not get to a broadband connection for awhile.

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