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    Noob questions about mac notebooks
    Hi, Im in the market for a notebook computer i was thinking about a mac.
    I have a couple of questions that might seem retarded but I would like to know..

    1. Can windows be installed? or is there a mod to run windows based programs on the os x?

    2. Im not sure what 512 L2 cache @ 1.4 GHz means.. I know what the ghz is, but the L2 512?
    Just wondering what that would compare to?
    Like i have a 1.8 gh intel right now, wondering how the G4 with 1.4 would compare to it?

    any help would be good.
    tks, cya.

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    1) windows can not be installed as a primary operating system, however there is VPC wich will allow you to run your windows based programs on the mac.. this can be bought for 250$ an under depending on which operating system you want to come with it or if you want to use your own version of windows you already own with it.
    2) L2 Chaches is the amount of cache you have on the level 2 of the proccessor I believe, I don't actually know that just what I always thought the L stood for and the next person (probably devilboy) who answers this will give you very specific answers on what this is, and I too, will learn from what they say.
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    L2 Cache is an amount of very fast RAM located inside the proccessor. because RAM (even the DDR Stuff) is so slow in comparison to the things going on inside the proccessor it makes a lot of sence to have a nice large amount of quick access stuff inside the proccessor, to act as a buffer for the data coming in from the RAM. ie the date goes from the RAM to L3 (if there is any) into the L2 - which is nice and big, then goes into the L1 etc when the proccessor needs it.

    now practically what does this mean? it means that the more L2 you got, the faster the computer goes, i'm talking about a very real speed kick all atributed to what seems like a small amount of RAM. 512Kb has become the standard size, Intel and AMD use only 256Kb on thier budget models, and thats one of the reason they are so slow. the more expensive proccessors have 512 or more, I think the itanium's and Zeons have 1 Mb or more of L2 - very high performace. If I remember correctly the G5 comes with 1 Mb.

    so more L2 = faster proccessor.

    hope that helps!

    btw just got my first mac, an iBook and its Stunning!

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    Ok makes some sence, Any idea how a 1.4 gh with the l2 cache would compare to 1.8 gh..
    Im just trying to figure it out, The notebooks seem pricey and the highest they go is 1.67gh or something like that. Or is the G4 processor just super charged? lol

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    nevermind, couple posts down answered my question.
    If anyone can personally compare from experience please post.
    a g4 to a intel processer

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    there is simply no comparison between an intel and a powerpc processor. their architectures are very different. the power pc is more efficient at processing and will appear to be faster because of that. IMO the are roughly the same.

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