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    Browsing on my new MBP is slow
    Bought a MacBook Pro last week. Overall, I'm very pleased with the product. However, I'm having some trouble with browsing speeds. I searched the forums, found the tips about using Open DNS, and typed and under "DNS Servers." This helped somewhat, but I'm still experiencing a degree of slowness. For instance, many pages will stall when I first load them up, but they will load up quickly once I refresh them (this is annoying more than anything). Additionally, watching YouTube videos is almost impossible. The video will load up about a quarter of the way and then just stop for long periods of time. It continues to do this in chunks.

    These problems apply to Firefox, Safari, and Chrome equally.

    Appreciate any feedback/other solutions.


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    Not sure that I have a solution, but I did have the exact same problem. I have cable ISP. It was mostly Safari and Firfox, but not so much Chrome. The page would hang. Sometimes I would have to hit 'ESC' to stop loading and then reload. Videos took much longer than normal to load.

    I looked into everything that I could think of under browser settings and my network 'advance' settings. Didn't help much. So I went to my local Apple store. Their Safari browser loaded up fast with no problem. Went under Safari settings. The only differences from my settings are, they don't have any extensions add-ons nor do they have Click to Flash. I went home, uninstalled Click to Flash and also removed it from the Safari extension. This seems to worked for me. Now pages I go to loaded up normal and fast as cable speed should. No hangups. Occasionally, some video viewing with Flash spiked up the CPU usage and rpm of the fan. My remedy for that is to click out of the video and refresh page.

    So far it's working better. But I'm looking for a better suggestion and solution also.

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