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Thread: Keyboard problem

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    Keyboard problem
    Hey, a short while ago i spilled liquid on my macbook keyboard, not much, it just broke the shift key. Me being the stupid person that i am i decided to cut the little plastic film underneath the key nipple, thinking it would only disable one key (the shift) but it disabled the whole keyboard. I have booked into an apple store and was wondering if you guys knew whether they would be able to replace it in the store and how much it should cost for a keyboard replacement for a mid-2009 model of a macbook white.


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    You may be able to replace the keyboard yourself. Go to iFixit: The free repair manual and look up the step by step instructions for replacing the keyboard. They also sell parts and may have your keyboard in stock.

    However, let me add one thing here.... Since you spilled liquid on the keyboard, there's a good chance that it leaked through to the logic board. You may be looking at some very expensive repairs in the future.

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