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    Noob help with MacBook pro - to buy or not to buy?
    Hi guys. I'm new to the forum and need some help. I would usually search forums before putting a post up, but I wasn't sure what to search for with the issues I need help with.

    Anywho, problem is as follows: I've wanted a mac for quite some time now, but haven't bought one due to their high price. I've been offered 13" MacBook pro (2GHz, 2GB ram, 500GB HDD -not sure of age) very cheap (£160). I was told it needs a new PSU just, as it's missing. That isn't an issue as they're only £17 on eBay. I borrowed a PSU to try it out earlier this evening and it did boot up, but we couldnt get past the admin password. We found a guide online how to get around this, but there is a part of the LCD that has 'leaked', so this would need replaced. I think they're around £60-70 to order online. Aside from those 2 things, after we booted it up and turned it off, when trying to turn it back on, it just made a sound like a disc spinning, then the monitor blinked on, then off and the laptop died. It would do this each time we tried to turn it on. If you hold the power button down, it would make a loud beep, then boot up properly. This issue concerns me most as I don't know what's causing it (I'm a compete noob to macs). Some ideas I have as to what could be causing this: with the battery being completely flat, before we plugged the charger in tonight, maybe there just isn't enough power to boot up properly (would maybe need a good full charge?); other idea - the battery is on it's way out?

    Anyways, can you shed any light on what might cause that last issue and overall, would you buy the MacBook?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Simply put, no. I'd not buy the machine. I'm not one to mess with much hardware when I don't have to, and for that reason, I would personally pass.
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