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    Unhappy MacBook Pro Help Please, lots of problems and errors... This may be a tough one!

    In September of 2010 I purchased a MacBook Pro. Everything was going fine until about a month ago, where I booted to a prohibited sign. After that, my computer worked for a while, then it then it just stopped - so I called Apple tech and they guided my though the steps to do an OS reinstall (keeping my data) and we repaired permissions then, after that, it worked again. However, a couple of weeks later, I had the same problem, but this time it just died completely!

    Now, I took it into Apple for a repair, and they fixed it, replacing my hard-drive. They said the previous one had failed. This was yesterday. I then installed everything again, and used my TimeMachine back-up to install my apps and settings and what not. It worked fine for like a day, but now I'm getting this really annoying screen that says "Your computer needs to restart". I can't do anything but turn the machine off. In addition to this, my dash-board randomly 'unexpectedly quits' and so does the Mail application. (At the time of editing this post for this site, the problems have seemed to have subsided... Its been a couple of hours now since the last issue... But I feel like posting this anyway, just incase).

    Can anyone offer any advice or help before I give Apple another call?

    Right, so now the specification of my computer incase thats relevant...

    Its a 2010 MacBook Pro, 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor, with 6 GB RAM (2 months ago I added a 4 GB RAM Chip to make the 6) and a 500 GB Hard-drive. I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.6 (I tried the 10.6.7 update and it just wouldn't work, it said my machine did not have the requirements to install it... Can anyone shed light on that?)

    I am also having the same problem with the "Your computer needs to restart" error on my 2007 iMac (Running 10.6.7 with 4 GB RAM). Is it just me or am I doing something wrong with these beautiful machines?

    I've also done several TechTool Deluxe tests on both machines and everything passes... Some people tell me the RAM is the problem, but it passes upon testing, as well as shows the status as 'OK' under the system profiler menu, plus, when Apple repaired the machine for the Hard-drive failure, they didn't say they found any other problems...

    I also feel like mentioning the fact that I get electric shocks the metal parts (casing) of BOTH machines. Is that normal or am I turning into a mutant? In addition, the mag-safe adaptor of my MBP doesn't hold its light. The LED randomly goes off or dims to a point were its exceptionally hard to see. It always charges though, so maybe thats normal? - I don't know.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    I really don't want to call Apple again!

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    Additional information:

    Another application that has randomly started giving me the 'unexpectedly quit' error is Dictionary. Every single time I open it, it gives the error after about 3 seconds. =(

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    With all those problems you're having, one doesn't really know where to start. Since the MBP is still under warranty, I suggest taking it back to your local Apple store genius and have them diagnose the trouble for you.

    The "restart your computer" warning you're receiving is known as a kernel panic. It may be related to some software you're running but it's more likely a hardware issue.

    The electric shocks you're getting could be caused by poor grounding of your local main circuits. Remove the MagSafe adapter from the MBP and operate off battery. Do the shocks go away?

    As for the 10.6.7 update, I find it strange that it wouldn't install. Go to the Apple site and download the combined 10.6.7 update instead. Let's see if that works.

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    Still under 12 month warranty? Take it back.
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    Chscag, It is a tough one isn't it! I've been speaking to a guy over at 'ultimatemacsupport' and he has suggested to do a disk/permissions verification, and then a repair on the permissions then boot into safe mode. The permissions test kept saying "Permissions differ on..." so I've done that now, and I'm just in safe mode for a while. So far, since I've done that I haven't had another issue, though I hope I haven't spoken too soon. Only time will tell.

    As for the electric shocks, no, it doesn't go away when it is just running on the battery. I also get this issue with my iMac and my keyboard for it. They keyboard gives me shocks regardless of which computer it is plugged into.

    I've tried that update link and I get the same error as before.

    As for my iMac, I have run a TecTool Deluxe which gave me a failure on the Volume Structure. I've attempted to verify the disk, and it is telling me that the volume is corrupt and needs to be repaired, so I'll do that with the install disk.

    In reply to Harryb2448, my MBP is still under warranty. I've only had it about 9 months (Since September 2010). As for my iMac, that is well past its warranty, I got that in 2007.

    Thanks guys for the replies!

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    Random application crashes, updates not running, kernel panics all point to possibly bad RAM in my book, regardless of tests. I'd remove the 4GB stick, as the problems didn't begin until after that chip was installed. See if things stabilize. As far as Tech Tool Pro, please make sure you're getting updates from Apple on that. The problem with the included TTP that comes with AppleCare is the bootable disk doesn't keep up with software updates, and the wider the gap between them, the more potential harm it does rather than help. I have no idea on the shocking issue... I know I had issues a while back with the first gen aluminum MacBooks and MacBook Pros where the casing would cause mild shocks, but it's been a long time.

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    Did you try another electrical outlet and see if the shocking still occurs? You might have an improperly grounded recepticle even if the power adapter uses an isolated ground. If your desk is made of metal try using it elsewhere. Does your desk have any other electrical equipment running on it that perhaps is using a different outlet than the one you plug the power adapter into? Are you using a powerbar?

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    As stated above, I would check the memory(though that should have been tested at Apple), electrical outlet, and last the OS backup. Check the ram by using only one at a time, plugging in each on both slots to also check the ram slot for problems. What I would also do is run a clean install of the OS, and clean off of it to see if problems come back. I have a feeling that along with a possible failed hdd, you might have also had a corrupt OS file. Doesn't hurt much to check.

    As for the electrical shocks, I know when I have my hdmi adapter plugged into the tv, which is plugged into a cable outlet, and I also have my logitech 5.1 speakers connected to the mbp, I can feel a minute amount of electrical surge as I slide my finger across the aluminum on the mbp. I also had this on my old hp when connecting it the same way to my tv. As far as I know, it hasn't done anything bad.
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