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    New MacBook Air Coming Wednesday?
    Has anybody else heard the rumor of a new Air coming this wednesday?
    If so, what are your expectations? What do you want it to have that the current doesn't?

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    Thunderbolt is a definite must-have. A backlit keyboard would be nice. I'd like the ports to be a hair farther apart. Might not be technically possible, but I find that I have to either disconnect my display connector or power if I want to use my thumbdrive. A fraction of an inch forward would resolve that. But, overall, the Air is a beautiful computer, great performance, and so nice to carry... my laptop bag is heavier than the computer!

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    Backlit Keyboard, Backlit Keyboard, Backlit Keyboard!
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    i5 processors and 1333 mhz ram. Sata3? Do they even make msata3 drives and/or connectors? Thunderbolt.

    I would love to see a backlit keyboard which hopefully they will do but you never really know.

    Yes that is a grizzlycorn

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