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    1-2" vertical bar of static in my screen???
    This is unrelated to my last post, so I created a new thread. Recently I started getting this awful static-like bar on my screen? It's SO inconveniently placed and I can't figure out what's going on. Every now and then, it will go away -seemingly because of some certain positioning of the screen. I took a screen shot so I could show someone, and it does not appear there, so I had to take ap picture of it on my phone. Because there are times when I have a fully visible screen, I was hoping there was some way to fix this. What I don't want to hear is that it will require a new screen - so I thought I'd present this problem to you guys before I take it to a computer repair shop.

    Any thoughts? It's not a super big deal, just a little frustrating. I end up moving windows around and scrolling a lot more than I would really like and nothing more. If you've experienced this before, let me know any information you may have? Thanks!
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    I would guess that your graphics card is on the way out.

    So if you have your original install disks, i would recommend doing the Apple Hardware Test . . . Hope it shows some results.

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    Take a screen shot and if it shows up on the SS then it is probably the graphics if not it is your LCD or cable which is going bad. My money is on the LCD. Replacing them is fairly simple if you dont mind taking apart computers.

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    I took a screen shot so I could show someone, and it does not appear there, so I had to take ap picture of it on my phone.
    Notice the OP said the problem doesn't show up in a screenshot, so my guess is the same as thurstmw, it's a LCD defect of some sort. An odd one at that.

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