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Thread: Why does my computer freeze every time I open iTunes?!

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    Question Why does my computer freeze every time I open iTunes?!
    Every time I open iTunes on my Macbook, the whole computer freezes and the iTunes display panel says "Determining Gapless Playback" and has a bar marking progress, showing as though it is about to "Determine Gapless Playback" for my entire music library. It freezes if I don't touch it (usually hoping it will finish doing whatever it is doing and then allow me into my library) or I hit the small "x" in the display panel. Either way, it freezes the entire computer so that I cannot even force quit iTunes. I have all updates for both my computer (I run Snow Leopard) and for iTunes, I have almost 50 gb of free space on my computer, and I still don't know what to do. I cannot sync any of my purchased material from my iPhone to my computer and cannot load music, etc from my computer to phone. If I plug my phone in to my MacBook, of course it tries to launch iTunes and the thing freezes. Any ideas what to do with this? I did not know if this was perhaps a common problem...

    Thank you!

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    I'd suggest deleting the iTunes preference file, found at:

    Users / your user / Library/ Preferences /

    There are three different ones - After you "quit" iTunes, move all three of those to the trash - don't empty trash yet.

    Start iTunes
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