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    Angry Spilled Hop Devil IPA on my MBP
    Same problem, my cat spilled a Hop Devil IPA all over the keyboard. I immediately flipped it over and turned the machine off, i'm not sure however how i should proceed in removing the battery. It's a newer MBP and the battery isn't reachable from the casing. I just spent $700 something a year ago to repair the same machine, water was more fatal than expected. Hopefully things will turn around for me and i can get this thing powered up in no time.

    should i remove the battery, is it too late since i haven't already? how do i the remove battery?

    how long i should keep it flipped over waiting for it to dry out?

    Thanks for the answers everyone, appreciate it very much!

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    I moved your post to a separate thread by itself as you replied to a thread that was 3 years old.

    Regarding all spills, please read our Sticky notice about spills at the top of this forum.


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