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    Best UK Supplier of 12inch Aluminium Powerbook replacement hard drive?
    I hope people can help me here. It looks as if my 12inch G4 Aluminium Powerbook HD has finally gone.

    When trying to power up, all I get is the gray screen with the spinning cog. Hitting Ctrl/alt/command/V, the screen gives about half a page of tech speak, ending in the following...

    *jnl: replay_journal from 5501440 to :8329729 (joffset 0x628000)*
    *CSRHIDTransitionDriver::start after command - e00002ed*

    This 2nd line repeats 5 times, followed by...

    *IOATAController device blocking bus*

    This line repeats itself every ten seconds.

    So, is my hard drive finally gone? And, to finally get to the point of this thread what supplier in the UK would people recommend to purchase and fit a replacement hard drive from? Beyond local computer repairs I can find by Google, which I'm not sure about trusting (most seems to be in private residences, not shops), does anyone have experience with this company, Mac:Upgrades...?

    Looking forward to hearing your replies.

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    I was going to recommend replacing the drive yourself, but considering the model and the reasonable price they charge for installation, I'd probably go ahead and let them do it. It's considerably easier than the iBook, but still challenging. The top case is held in by a dozen or more screws, different sizes, that have to be replaced correctly. Just be cautious on how much money you're willing to put into this, as you will quickly spend more than the resale value.

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