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    Jun 09, 2011
    Question please**help*keyboard*problem
    i*have*a*major*keyboard*problem*ive*just*bought*my *first*mac*and*i*dont*know*a*first*thing*about*it* a*few*days*ago*it*updated*it*automatically*and*ins talled*snow*leopard*fonts*i*suspect*thats*the*sour ce*of*the*problem*but*im*not*sure*so*the*problem*i s*this*sometimes*the*keyboard*is*working*normally* except*the*letter*h*witch*is*always*like*this**̏*o ther*letters*work*ok*but*then*become*weird*for*exa mple*r*=**t=**g=**etc.*the*caps*lock*key*always *looks*like*its*turned*on*but*it*isnt,*when*i*plug *in my*old*keyboard*it*works*fine*but*i*didnt*do*anyth ing*to*damage*the*keyboard*on*my*laptop,*language* and*text*is*set*correctly*so*thats*not*the*issue.

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    Waiting for a mate . . .
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    That was hard to read. Welcome to the forum and sorry its under such yuck circumstances

    If you have only just bought this Mac Take it back to Apple and let them have a look at it for you. As good as we think our Mac's are there will always be lemons and you could have got one . . .

    You could in the mean time repair permissions

    Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility
    Once open click yourHD in the left column and then the First Aid Tab. Now go to the bottom and click the Repair Permissions Tab and sit back and have a coffee . . .

    It will prob bring up a big list in the Log but dont worry about it. Once its finished repairing, log out the back in and see if the problem still persists . . . .
    Post back the results . . . Cheers
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    Is the spacebar broken too?

    Try going to System Preferences > Language & Text > Text > click "Restore Defaults"
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    Wel**** to t** boar*

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    it*seems*that*backspace*is*broken*only*on*this*for um*im*sorry*about*that.*ill*listen*to*your*advice* and*try*to* fix*it*my*self*ive*bought*my*mac*in london*and*im*not*quite*sure*if*we*have*an apple*store*in*my*country*so*i****hope*this*will*w ork*ill*let*you*know*thanks*anyway

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    Jun 09, 2011
    hey guys i did everything you told me to do and nothing helped but good news i did something else that helped i went to universal access then to keyboard then to set key repeat then to modifier keys and*then i turned off the option key and everything is working fine except i cant tipe @ but thats ok i can copy paste it and live with that since everything else is working so it seems that the problem was in the option key (alt key) if you have any solutions for the @ situations please help

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    Hey man, don't get used to the problem, take your brand new mac to a repair! it might be something that doesn't botter you, but come on, you paid for something that MUST work properly, don't do workarounds for something it's their fault.

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    Thread moved to more appropriate forum. Please read before posting in Rumors & Reports.
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    jeff i would do that but like i said im not sure that there is an apple store in my country and by the things i know its not smart to give it to someone in a regular shop to fix it so i am happy with this its not perfect but look at the first post its way better

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