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    Exclamation Macbook Air A1237: disk0s2 I/O error
    Hi guys,

    Im have a Macbook Air (a1237 if that's relevant) running 10.6. ...Or should be.

    All of a sudden it won't boot: When attempting normal boot, no start-up chime is heard, but it loads to the grey screen with the apple logo and "I'm thinking"-thingy beneath. And stays there for 30+ minutes.

    When booted in single user mode, it's VERY slow getting anywhere, but at some point arrives at "disk0s2: I/O error." and a bunch of info such as "READUID 0" and "Level 3".

    I've also tried booting from cd/dvd - but without success, still just gets stuck at the grey "loading" screen described above.

    Any ideas? My thought is that the disk is fried and things should be alright once replaced with a new - is this a correct assumption? And if, how do I install os x onto a new, unformatted/raw drive when I can't boot from cd?

    All inputs are appreciated.

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