My macbook pro won't start up anymore - last night it froze, so I turned it off using the power button, and left it at that. This morning when I turned it on, it started making scratchy/beepy/clicky noises on the right side of the keyboard, and the grey screen (no apple logo, just grey) would pop up and stay there. Upon starting, it also makes gear shifty grinding noises that stop about the time the grey screen pops up. Eventually, the scratchy/beepy/clicky noises go away, and you can hear the fan kick in and the computer gets warm as it usually does.

I've had this laptop for a couple months now, got it second hand from a fellow on Craigslist. It was in good working order, and came with OSX discs and all that. However, I'm visiting my home town in the boonies for a month (one week in), and won't be within a thousand miles of an Apple Store for the next three weeks. I don't have the OSX discs with me.

Has this happened to anyone before? I've looked around and seen similar problems, tried pressing command + control + p + r, shift, all that, and nothing works. Apple would charge me $50 for a one-time telephone support fee, probably to just tell me I need to take it into a store and get something replaced.

What do?

Oh, also, over the past week or so, the screen would go completely black arbitrarily during use (usually when I tilt the screen) for a couple minutes, then it'd come back on without much of a fuss. The macbook pro is from mid-2009, I believe.