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    13" Macbook Pro 990 LL (209) display vs. Macbook Aluminum
    Hi folks,

    I've tried to find this answer all over but keep getting confused.

    I bought my daughter an 18 month old Macbook Aluminum (MB466) nine months ago. My other daughter has a 2007 release Macbook Pro 15".

    The display on the 2007 15" is much brighter and forgiving of viewing angle than the 2008 release Macbook Aluminum.

    It bothers me so much I have advised my daughter to sell the Macbook Aluminum and I will buy her a 2009 Macbook Pro to replace it... I know the 2009 Macbook Pro (MB 990 LL) is basically the same maching with a little better memory, and some additional Pro-like ports. The problem is, I cannot find out if the display on the MB 990 LL is the same as the display I don't like on the MB 466 LL.

    Can anyone clarify this for me? All websites seem to indicate they're (and newer) backlit LED displays. Some include the phrase TFT Active Matrix, while others do not include that phrase.

    Oh, the laptop is used strictly for internet browsing, song storage, and video chatting with her friends. She has no power hogging applications and no graphics intensive applications.

    Oh, also, am I correct in assuming there are no regular Macbooks (non-Pro) that have the aluminum outside casing? I had thought about maybe a new or 1 year old Macbook but they just don't have the same look.


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    The display on 15" series is much better than the one in 13" series. And I don't think there is much different in the display of 13" macbook and 13" macbook-pro version. If you wanna change, get the 15" pro version. You won't regret about that.
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    So I guess the lower quality screen did not change from the Macbook Aluminum 2008 (MB466 LL) to the Pro badging of the almost same computer in 2009 (MB 990 LL)?

    Is this inferior screen (in my view less brightness, more narrow viewing angle), in comparison to the 15" Pro, true of the Macbook Pro 13" from 2010 (MC 374 LL) and Macbook Pro 13" from 2011 (MC 700 LL) as well?

    I'm not sure if 15" is what my daughter wants ... a 15" MBP weighs more, takes up more space on the desk, and is more difficult to carry around in a backpack at school.

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