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Thread: New MBP Advice

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    New MBP Advice
    I will be purchasing a new MBP in the next few weeks. I will be using CS5.5 on it and Final Cut Pro on in quite a bit. I have looked at the minimum requirements and I know I would meet those but I just want to check and see if there is anything I else I would need. With PC's it always said what the minimum requirements are but those were never actually the minimum. On the basic 15 inch with the i7 will it work ok?

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    May 11, 2009
    New MBP Advice
    I thought I posted in here yesterday but don't see it. I will be purchasing a Macbook, more than likely a Pro, in the next month. I need it to do CS5.5 and Final Cut as well. I have looked and know that I will meet the minimum requirements, but that doesn't mean much. Is there any advise or things I should know or you would recommend about what was needed?

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    Please do not double post as you already posted this same topic. Always reply back to the same thread. You can reply to your own thread thereby bringing it up to the top again. No need to post twice.


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    All current Macbook Pros will be more than capable of running CS5 comfortably.

    The better the CPU, the faster the image processing will be (i.e the Photoshop Filter menu, etc.)
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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    CS5 runs happily on a C2D 2008 mbp to be honest. It's just faster on the new ones.

    both CS5 and 5.5
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