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    Where does this wire go on the motherboard? Macbook Pro
    I cleaned out split soda from a Macbook Pro, put everything back but I cant figure out where this one last wire goes. It boots up fine, speakers work, keyboard seems to be working, usb ports work, fan is spinning. Not sure what this wire does or where it goes. Please help me out. Thanks. EDIT: MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009)

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    Which MBP is it? Take a look at this site Gadget Teardowns - iFixit - you can probably find a tear down of yours as well as what that wire goes to.

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    Those are the wifi and bluetooth antenna cables.
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    That looks like a 13" MBP. I do believe yours has an SD-card slot, right? It looks to be the wire to the microphone. There should be a plug right next to it for that wire bundle. However, I do believe you seem to have messed up the black jack plug. That wire bundle is located in the wrong place to be part of the wifi...if I'm correct.

    Most people dislodge the connectors off the plug because they think they have to pull to the side, when in fact, you have to lift it up. It is easy to dislodge them, especially the mic cable.
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    It is a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009). It's not related to Wifi because I can connect to my wireless router. I haven't seen anything on the tear down website yet but still looking. Thanks.

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    got it
    microphone it is. Thanks everyone

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