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Thread: Please help this tired, non-computer minded mac noob with video adaptation

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    Jun 05, 2011
    Unhappy Please help this tired, non-computer minded mac noob with video adaptation
    Hey guys

    I just got a shiny new macbook pro and i want to connect it to my TV
    So i looked at the adapters, ordered the "composite" adapater, got an s-video cable and big TV and then ground to a halt as a realised i can't connect because i bought a connector for a macbook air
    I have learned now that i need a ThunderBolt connector
    But i can't find any that have this
    Apple Micro-DVI to Video Adapter - Apple Store (UK)
    on the female end but a ThunderBolt on the male end
    Can someone puh-leeeeeze assist as i am going rather barmy over this

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    We actually have an entire thread dedicated to You will want to read the first page before posting any further questions in that thread.

    64GB iPhone 6, 64GB iPad Air 2.

    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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    Cheers dudeski, will post in the right place now

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