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    Mind Boggling External Display Problem...Help...
    I was trying to connect my 13" MBP to my tv via HDMI in clam shell mode... Like i have always done before...

    for some reason my video window wasnt sized right so i went to display settings and changed from 1080p to 1080i and thats when sh!t hit the fan....

    It seams like either my MBP or my TV doesnt like interlaced.... and since it wont display i cant change it back... grr

    It will display in open laptop mode in both "extended monitor" and "mirrored" modes... but when i try to use it in clamshell mode it wont work.

    If i take it to my bedroom and try a DIFFERANT TV it works perfect in clamshell mode...

    Its as if the MBP has "saved" incorrect settings for Clamshell mode for my living room TV...

    Please help.. Ive done a little googling and deleted files suggested, tried restarting in safe mode with monitor hooked up...

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    Try a reset of the SMC - link.

    With external not plugged in of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
    Try a reset of the SMC - link.

    With external not plugged in of course.
    Tried that... didnt work...

    I did however fix it... And i was correct, My TV didint like the Interlaced setting...

    Anyhow... I plugged the MBP into the working TV and figured out what key strokes I had to press to get into and change the resolution...

    Then i hooked it back up to the TV I am having problems with and Viola... I am back in business... only took me 5 hours...

    For future reference the key stroke is...

    Option - f2
    (wait a sec for window to load)
    press Tab once
    then use up and down arrows
    *if you press up/down and nothing happens, its because when switching to some resolutions there is a warning screen, so if nothing happens in 10sec press enter (doing so would be like clicking the "ok" button)

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