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    magsafe problem (hot connector/stops charging)

    ive been having some problems with the magsafe on my macbook pro 13". It will often stop charging, switching it round or unplugging it will sometimes help but it often takes a long time and a lot of messing about for the light to come back on, it doesnt seem to be any kind if loose connection because when it does work it works fine no giggling will stop it.

    I've noticed that before it stops the connector gets really really hot, not hot enough to burn but hot enough to be very uncomfortable to touch and I wouldnt feel safe leaving it charging at that heat and worry it may be damaging the computer, is that normal?

    I've got a feeling it might be something to do with the macbook it self or its battery maybe, it tends to happen when ive not shut it down but just closed the lid for it to sleep and opened it up again. When I shut it down properly it used to charge normally and get a lot less hot, however recently shutting it down properly has helped either. Anyone know whats going on or have any advice

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    It might be metal bits stuck in the connector. The connector magnet can attract bits of metal via magnetism, so take a magnifying glass and good light and look at the connector - see if it has little bits in there. If so, scrubbing with a brush and re-inspecting might clear them out.
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    Strain relief in the Magsafe connector is crap, so it's likely that the conductors are shorting internally. Unfortunately, this means a new charger is the only solution...

    It's worth checking for metal bits shorting it though - the magnet is in the computer, not the connector, so that's where's any problematic bits will be.

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