Hey all, thanks for the replies in advance.

Sidenote before I begin: While my end goal does with software, the basis of my problem deals with hardware.

So, I wanted to run the game Minecraft from a flashdrive. Ive successfully done this for the Windows side, but got stuck when I was trying to do the Mac side (as there are no tutorials for how to play the game from a flashdrive, just how to move the save files).

For Windows, you have to have a bin and data folder in the flashdrive along with a batch file that follows the command:
"set APPDATA=%CD%\data

I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a Mac equivalent to this code and the batch file itself. Not sure if using Terminal would do the trick since I believe I would have to create the link every time I use a different Mac (compared to the windows version where I just click the bat file and the game will open; if I click on the icon to the app, the directory isn't set to the flashdrive. Hence the use for the batch file.) Any tips/guides?

I apologize for any possible confusion in my wording. Feel free to ask and Ill respond ASAP.

Much thanks again.