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    Macbook Pro Hard drive question.
    So I have a friend that has decided to purchase a Mac. (Finally ) Specifically a 15'' Macbook pro (2.2GHz.)

    Now when ordering he came across these options for the hard drive

    He asked me what he should go with and I told him to sacrifice a little bit of space and go with the faster drive. (It is doubtful that he will ever fill even half of a 500gb Hard drive.)

    Later on his other friend told him "A faster hard drive will wear on itself harder and go out faster" and wants him to go with the 5400 rpm.

    He is torn so I thought I would get the expert opinion from you guys to help him decide...

    So, what is your advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traybair View Post
    Later on his other friend told him "A faster hard drive will wear on itself harder and go out faster" and wants him to go with the 5400 rpm.
    Bunk. 7200rpm drives have been around since the year of the flood and there is no evidence to suggest that they are any less reliable than their 5400rpm counterparts.

    Regardless, all mechanical hard drives are subject to failure. Fortunately, they're also cheap and easy to swap. So, I wouldn't factor in what might happen in the distant future as a consideration in this decision.
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    Your friend's friend has no idea what he is talking about. Either one will last just as long as the other.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah I had never heard this and was a little confused by it.

    My dad is a tech wizard of sorts and when I asked him he said the same thing as cwa107. Almost word for word. I actually looked at the username to see if it was my dad after reading it. lol

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