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Thread: Macbook Pro 13" 2011 Battery

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    Macbook Pro 13" 2011 Battery
    Hi all. I got my Macbook Pro 13" 3 days ago. After calibrating the battery, my current maximum charge/current capacity decreased from 5634 to 5396 and it also fluctuates from 5400 to 5368. Is the mAh changing constantly normal?

    Why did the mAh decrease after calibrating?

    How can I increase it to its maximum charge/maximum design capacity of 5770?

    Also coconut battery says my Macbook pro is 4 weeks old when I bought it on 31st May (3 days old)?

    this is my details:

    Thanks for any help!

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    Batteries are not an exact science. There is no "float in the tank", so to speak. So, your Systems Management Controller (SMC) makes educated guesses as to the health of the battery and its capacity based on analysis of usage trends. On a new machine, it will take some time before the SMC knows enough about the battery to make more accurate estimates.

    My advice is to not obsess over it. If you're having an actual problem (i.e. the battery run time is significantly shorter than it should be), then I'd be concerned. But the numbers don't (and will never) tell the whole story.
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    Also coconut battery says my Macbook pro is 4 weeks old when I bought it on 31st May (3 days old)?

    This is based on the serial number, so it's really an educated approximation. Since your machine was made in May...
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