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    New Macbook Ipod Package?
    My brother is looking to get a new 13 inch macbook for college ASAP, but my mom thinks he should wait til end of summer b/c there will be more "packages" or deals available.

    For example, I got mine last June/July and it came with a free Ipod Touch, which I sold for $160.

    Does anyone know if Apple will be offering a deal like this one in the next few months? It would help if they included the iPod which we could sell to someone and save some more money.

    Thanks for any help, I appreciate it.

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    Nobody can tell you for sure, but Apple has opened up a "Back To School" promotion for a few years now around this time. Last year it opened on May 5th. This year, it is rumored to start around WWDC (June 6th-ish). The deals have always been available from their launch time to mid September or so.

    I would hold off until the promotion starts, if it's not necessary to purchase the computer now.

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    Ok thanks a lot, I really appreciate the help.

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