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    Battery not recognized
    Early 2008 Macbook had spill. Cleaned and works well on power adapter, but black x thru Battery icon. Green light on power adapter. I notice small black marks on female battery connection holes on logic board. I cleaned and still no battery recognized. Is there a way to test this logic board battery connection?

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    May 31, 2011
    This happened to me about a year ago, without the spill. I sent my mac into myservice and they fixed that problem at the same time they replaced my LED screen free of charge [I paid for the screen but not for the logic board]. I'm pretty sure they just replaced the logic board. I'm not very good with technical stuff but that's what I did when the battery wasn't recognized. [And I had the battery replaced twice through mac before I did that... just replace the logic board. Saves a lot of trouble.]

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    Not sure if it will tell you much but you could try looking in system profiler and see what it says about your battery.
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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    Spill damage is unpredictable and can cause havoc just about anywhere on the machine. Obviously your MacBook is out of warranty. Changing or repairing the logic board would cost more than the machine is worth. Please read our "Spills Sticky" here.

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