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    Question VGA faster then HDMI?
    Dear People,

    Has anyone of you experience difference between the HDMI and VGA signal? It feels like the HDMI signal is 400ms delayed while the VGA signal is almost as fast as the Laptop screen itself.

    Found some old post that are referring to this lag problem, but no solution was submitted

    Ps. Tested on different models of the Mac book's pro 2011.......


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    Could be multiple things. Are you using a TV or a computer monitor? What is the make and model of this *monitor*? TV's can have different frame rates for each input type. Other monitors handle VGA better than HDMI, and others are the opposite. On my Toshiba 32" running at 1080p via hdmi adapter from the mbp, there is a slight lag. The only way to remove it is to turn the resolution down to 1600xXXXX, or turn Game Mode on at 1080p.

    In terms of normal speed though, HDMI is faster than VGA. Digital is naturally always faster than analog. The only thing that can slow it down are the bottlenecks between connections and adapters.
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    Thanks so much for your information, your absolutely right.

    My Samsung is indeed delaying the HDMI signal, this is because of the cheap internal parts and filtering that's why I needed to delay my A/V Sync with 200 ms on my Onkyo or XBMC (Revo 3610) !

    So glad it's not the Mac book! Can't wait to try game mode or a other LCD ^^

    PS. how can I solve this post ?

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