Hello Everyone,

Im new and let me start out by saying that I am a recent Mac convert and I am loving every minute and detail about the Mac OS and the hardware. I was tired of always having issues with my PC and reformatting my drive annually. I have heard that there are problems with Macs as well but not to the extent of PC's.

On that note let me get down to the problem Im having.

My almost recently purchased MBP has started to make a fisk, fisk, fisk, sound. Three in a row totally randomly. It seems like it is originating out of the speakers but when I plug in my headset it comes through there as well, but not my bluetooth headset. It doesn't happen all the time, only occasionally but when it does it happens enough to make me crazy. I recently installed an SSD and removed the DVD drive to replace it with a 750GB Western digital black scorpio, the SSD is OWC. And 8 gigs of memory, Im loving the upgrades.

I have searched forum boards and Google but have been unable to come up with a solution. Lion is right around the corner (I hope) so maybe my problem will go away then. I dont want to reinstall SL, Im going to school and dont have time to do that.

Thanks for any help..