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    My macbook pro won't turn on
    Hi guys,
    A few days ago, I was using my macbook pro in the kitchen, I used my wet hand to close the screen which I think the water accidently dripped on the keyboards but I didn't think too much since I was preparing for dinner.
    15 minutes later when I tried to hit the "volume up" key it wouldn't work, so I restarted it but it still didn't work. I shut down my macbook pro and let it rest.
    When I woke up the other day and tried to start my macbook pro it wouldnt turn on anymore! I am not really smart with computers so if anyone here think they could maybe figure out some possibilities for the malfunctions I'd really appreciate that.

    ps: How much would it be to get apple to fix it ? including the "volume" key, I don't have applecare since it was a gift from someone and I didn't know much about apple.

    Thanks guys!

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    You should bring it in for a quote. You can expect at least to have to replace the logic board. You can also expect it to run over $600.
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    You might be lucky and just the keyboard is shot which would save some money.

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