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Thread: Optibay settup

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    Optibay settup
    I'm looking at replacing the optical drive in my 2009 MBP 15 inch with the optibay, primarily to try to get some performance increase (video and photo work mainly) and some extra storage - how much of a difference will I notice between a 7200 hard drive and an ssd?
    If I go the ssd route should I put the OS, or the data on the ssd?

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    You will notice a HUGE difference in system load times and programs opening, also with loading large files I would expect to see an improvement.

    You will want to install the system on the SSD but also use it for some data storage depending on what it is. Anything where you think you will see you want to see the benefits from the SSD you need to have on the SSD.

    With symbolic links you can basically move folders which you dont need on the SSD to the HDD while keeping your system easy to navigate.

    You might want to take a look at this thread.

    Yes that is a grizzlycorn

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    Optibay on Ebay!
    Hey! Did you get your Optibay yet? I read in the forums that you can get Optibays on Ebays for $15!!!

    So I bought one from China, I stuck in my SSD in the Optibay and it ran fine! Now I'm getting a SuperDrive Enclosure for $11.

    So now I have an HDD and an SSD, both with Mac OS X in them. (I basically left the HDD alone).

    The SSD took 10 secs to boot up! (I did a clean install, no carbon copy or nothing).

    Seriously, $25 vs. $99, just get it from Ebay.

    I also changed the Startup Disk to boot from the SSD.

    I got the Vertex 2 OCZ because I also have a 2009 MBP and we only have SATA II, and they're getting cheaper, just look for sales in your local store.

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