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    A 12" or 14" ibook
    I am a freshman in college and am tired of using the computer labs. My grand parents said that they are giving me 1200US for a computer. Because of my educational discount I can get a Free I pod mini if I get the 14" ibook. The thing is the 12" ibook is excluded from this offer. The main concern is that if I do get a 12" ibook and then buy and ipod, I could get the 14" + the free ipod for the same price. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

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    I think you don't actually get the ipod for free, you have to buy tha computer and the ipod and then mail-in your coupon to get your money back (for the ipod's cost, you don't get tax back). I like the 12-inch better, they both have the same screen resolution and similar specs, plus the 0.09ghz don't make much difference.

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    he is correct. you have to actually buy the ipod and mail in the rebate. if your grandparents would front you the extra money for it and you can pay them back later, that is an option, or just save a bit of cash and throw it on top of that.

    ive heard its taking apple 8-10 weeks to get people their rebate checks, so be prepared for a wait.

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    the 12 also has a combo drive and he 14 a super drive. So if you are planning on burning DVDs get the 14.

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    Forget about the iPod at the moment and focus on whether you want the 12" or 14" iBook as that's the main thing you should be thinking about at the moment. I would just get the 14" iBook if you have the money and think about getting maybe an iPod Nano or refurbished Mini instead later.

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    It is not so much about the Ipod but about the fact that I cannot deside which I really want more. I love the portability of the 12 and I love the fact that that the 14" has a dvd-rw. The only thing is this will be my only computer and I don't want to get one and regret it wishing that I got another. I may just get the 12" and add more Ram, for about what I would pay for the 14". I don't think that I would be burning dvd's but it is nice to have the option to.

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    The BIG question is always, "What are you going to be using it for?"

    Notes during class?
    Internet surfing?
    Computer Graphics Apps?
    Combo of all?

    I mean that is what you have to ask yourself. It comes stock with 512MB(lucky you, bought mine over 7 months ago) which is sufficient for simple word processing and web browsing. So RAM is not important if you don't need it. It would just be a waste of money. 12" is the most portable but I port my 14" everywhere with no problem. Resolution of the screen isn't any better than 12", but the 14" does keep strain off my eyes. They basically are just bigger pixels. So basically if you knew exactly what you were using the book for that would answer your question. You might want to consider that superdrive unless you intend on buying an external like I did. Otherwise, I would have went ahead and gotten the superdrive myself. But that is good for backup just in case you ever lose any data because of HDD failure or whatever. A DVD holds more backup data.

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    I would be using it for taking notes during class, doing CAPA (the devilish math homework program) and internet surfing. Maybe a little photoshop here and there. My main concern is that it last me a good while, and I think the only difference between the one outlasting the other is the superdrive.

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    For you I'd recommend 12", just because of your apps and the fact that the smaller the better for the classroom.

    You do know that after tax the 14" will still cost you around 1300. The discount basically covers the tax, of course minus a little bit off the base price. So you would still be over that $1200 your grandparents are giving you. I imagine you figured that in right?

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    Is is possible to get the 12" with superdrive???
    I have enough to cover the difference. I just don't want to make a rushed decesion and make a mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenSwell
    Is is possible to get the 12" with superdrive???
    I have enough to cover the difference. I just don't want to make a rushed decesion and make a mistake.

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    hey the 12' is included in the ipod offer just to let you know... i got one with the ipod.

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