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    HD recovery for MBP
    I have a MBP I got in 2007. In October 2010 the motherboard gave out and died. Cannot afford to replace it and I just bought a new PC so I am going to take it apart and salvage the HD. What is the best way to recover data from the mac HD with Ubuntu or Windows? Preferably Ubuntu.

    I don't believe the HD is dead. No, actually it's not dead. It's just very severe kernal panics which you can see here:

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    If your PC is a desktop you can throw it in the PC connecting it to a sata port. If it is a laptop then you will need to get an external HDD.

    With Ubuntu I think it will automatically mount and HFS+ (OSX Journaled) drive but it might mount it as read only (I think it depends on the version of Ubuntu). If you need to write to it I think there are work arounds. Just google it.

    From there just pull files you need onto your other HDD then reformat into NTFS or ext(4?) (for ubuntu) if you want another drive.

    Yes that is a grizzlycorn

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