I have a late model MBP.

I also own a great DVR of the kind Panasonic made a few years back which has a hard drive on board, where video can be recorded, edited and later burned onto its built-in DVD burner on cheap DVD-R's that can be had by the spindle from Office Depot or Staples on the cheap.

Needless to say, I have a huge library of movies I've burned. They were finalized on the machine to be able to play on almost any conventional DVD player, including the Mac's and they do that well.

The discs are not copy protected, per se. They can be easily duplicated by the .dmg disk utility which is stock on the MBP.

Without carting a bunch of discs around with me, I'd like to be able to transfer some of these discs, or parts of them when i have multiple titles on the DVD, to the MBP, or even maybe later to a an IPAD which I may buy at some point.

Mounting a disc in the super drive, I can see the volume in Finder. On all discs, what is initially viewable is this:

A lone folder titled: Video_TS

Crack that folder open, and for every selection, whether its a two hour movie, or a 5 minute clip I recorded off the TV, each selection has the following files:

VTS_##_1.VOB appears to be substance of video
VTS_##_0.IFO smaller control related file
VTS_##_0.BUP smaller control related file

...where # equals a sequential number of the title on the disc. It is always a 2 position integer, 1 is an 01, 2 is an 02, etc, though the most titles I've ever had on the disc is about 60 some. The usual length of the DVD is up to approx 4 hours in SP mode.

What appears to be a master control file for the disc, on every one I have regardless of the number of files is:


I believe at some point I did copy over an entire disc and it played from the file on the computer (not from the disc, which had been ejected) where it landed in a folder called Volumes. Don't recall exactly how I did it.

For picking out various short titles and not copying the whole disc, how exactly do I move a selection off the disc to a regular file folder on the machine for playback later, or a reassembly of disparate files to maybe re-master and even burn a new DVD, or simply play the video file back when on the road?

Clicking on the various files just gets the dialogue of what to open it with? The MBP doesnt appear to have a clue in certain circumstances...

Any help with this? how do folks usually copy a vid over, or are they talking about major releases in .mov format?