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    retrieving files from my dead powerbook g4
    I've got an older powerbook g4 and after some trouble.shooting came to the conclusion that it was a lost cause to fix. So I bought a brand new.MAC pro 2.66, 13.3. My delihme is retrieving the abundance of files I had stored on the g4 and getting them onto the pro. Can any one give me a down and dirty simple answer ?

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    Does the G4 boot at all? If it does you might be about to put it into FireWire disk mode. Turn on the computer and hold down T while it boots. Turns it into an external drive. If it won't turn on then you'll have to dismantle it and take out the hard drive.
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    From the trouble shooting I was able to figure out that there is a pro. Chip on one of the boards that had become intermittent, and when I turn on the g4 it sounds a time 3 times and the screen will not light, I parused some forums and found that if by pushing down on the sides of the pad that it should cause the screen to light, it worked once but gent again, one of the proposed fixes was some sort of a shim. Any ideas?

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