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Thread: turning my Macbook into a gps

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    turning my Macbook into a gps
    I do a lot of long and short distance train travel. Quite often I wonder where the heck am I. So the question is what is the best and or least expensive way to turn my Macbook running 10.6 into a GPS unit.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    There are two applications out there that are considered the better of the lot,
    RouteBuddy Maps for Your World
    MacGPS Pro Mac OS X Navigation Software - Home

    With both you also need to buy maps (These are almost always application specific so forget using MacGPS Pro maps in RouteBuddy) for your region and a compatible USB/Bluetooth GPS unit which are usually listed on the developers website.
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    Thanks for the reply and I will investigate both.

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