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    cant boot from disc
    Hi, i have replaced the harddrive on a older macbook. It just shows a folder with a question mark. I am trying to reinstall the op system, but as soon a i put in the disc, it just ejects it.
    Im newto mac, so dont know the keys to get in to the bios like i do on windows. I am pressing c as i restart it, but the disc just shoots out?

    Any ideas?

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    There could be two reasons for the disk being ejected. The first is it could be the wrong disk for your MacBook. Make sure you're either using the original install DVD that came with your MacBook or a retail copy of the version of OS X that was installed. The disk could also be defective - scratched, etc.

    The second reason is that the DVD drive may be defective or the lens may be dirty. You can try using a can of compressed air to blow inside of the drive. If the lens is dirty, that might clean it so the disk will work.

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