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    2011 Macbook Pro Heating

    Recently I was thinking about getting a new Macbook Pro 13" or 15". So, I did some research to make sure that this was really as glamorous and it appeared on the Mac Website. To my dismay, I found several problems (Most of which have been fixed) but the main one, that is still occurring as far as I know, is the overheating problem. Some cases have gotten temps up to 90C+, and that kind of scares me. Right now, I own a Macbook and I have owned one for 4 years. I have seen youtube videos of the Macbook running games such as Modern Warfare 2 very well, and not getting insanely hot, but it seems that this is a fairly common problem among the 2011 Pros. This is really making me wonder weather the investment toward a new laptop like this is worth it over say a PC, or a new Macbook.

    So my question is,

    With the heating problem still existing, is it worth getting a new 2011 15" 2.0GHz Macbook Pro if I am planning to be running applications and games such as Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Minecraft, and basic programs (Browsers, I-Tunes, etc.)

    I would prefer to use my laptop as a laptop and not a frying pan. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED. If this problem is getting fixed or is already fixed (I don't know) That would be nice to know.

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    Folks concerned with warm/hot MacBooks & MacBook Pro's is not just a 2011's been this way since 2006 when Apple switched to higher performance Intel cpu's & combine that with the tight space in a laptop computer...and you end with a lot of heat. Especially when environmental conditions get warmer...such as Summertime heat.

    There have probably been millions of MacBook & MacBook Pros sold since 2006...and everyone's homes have not been burning down due to all the heat. Search Mac-Forums...and you'll find lots & lost of folks concerned about their Apple laptop temps being 70, 80, and even 90C+...and in almost all the cases everything was fine. I can remember a couple case where the computer was dirty inside...and after cleaning...everything was fine for these folks as well.

    There's absolutely no reason to NOT purchase a 2011 Apple notebook computer in regards to heat issues.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    It can get warm sitting on your lap. The 2011 is cooler than my 2008 was.. then again, I'm not aware of any manufacturer who won't tell you that, ideally, the machine should be on a solid surface. ie, a laptop stand (I think most even ditched the 'laptop' term in preference for 'notebook')

    Either way, I've had one of these for years now and it works great both on my lap and my desk.
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    Thanks, this helps a lot. I'm just worried weather running a few applications (Basic ones) and streaming video at the same time will cause it to get too hot. I might be over worrying myself due to complaints, but is that too much before the heat shoots up? And what about running a game like minecraft?


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    Just for comparison, my desktop (PC) runs at 29C at idle, around 40C on 100% load. my Macbook Pro (2010) runs at around 50c idle, and can hit the 80-90C when encoding with Toast or handbrake. games are generally less demading than these on the CPU.

    None of those applications are generally going to see high CPU temps except maybe After Effects.

    Its natural for Macs to run hot, they are cramped into such a small space.But remember, they are very well designed, Apples engineers have it under control.

    All you need to do is keep the ventilation space area free of clutter and blockage.
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