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    Unhappy Macbook Pro Issue - Please Help!
    Hi, I have had my Macbook Pro for about a year now and it has been working perfectly fine, but of course now that my warranty is up something new has come up. My computer works fine most of the time, I am actually typing on it right now... but sporadically it will stop working all together. Okay, I have my Macbook set up to whenever I close the top, it will go to sleep and when I open it, it will come back to life. Sometimes though, whenever I open it the screen will be black and have no indication that the laptop is on besides the fact that I can hear the motor running when i hold my ear to it. When I close the top, the sleep light in the front of the computer will be steady on instead of "breathing" on and off like it normally does when it is in regular sleep mode. The computer is definitely on, and sometimes the motor will run extra hard and become very hot on the bottom. To fix this I usually have to hold down the power button for sometimes up to ten minutes to get it to reboot, but lately not even that has been helping and I have a strong feeling that is not very good for the computer. I always have half to full battery, so I know that is not related. It has this issue whether the computer is plugged in or on battery power. Thank you for the help I would really appreciate it!

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    Holy wall of text!

    I would start here and let us know how you make out...

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