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    Need help before purchasing a MacBook
    Hey guys, I just found a MacBook for sale at a pretty nice price but I'm pretty new when it comes to anything Apple. I mainly want to get a MacBook so that I can get into video editing and stuff. However, before I purchase the MacBook I wanted to hear from people that could actually tell me if these specifications are any good, especially for what I want to use the MacBook for:

    * 13.1 inch screen
    * 1.83 GHz Intel Duo Core
    * 1GB 867Mhz DDR2 SDRAM memory
    * 60GB Hard Drive
    * Combo Drive (reads & Burns CDs, reads DVDs)
    * Airport Installed
    * Bluetooth Installed

    Do you guys think the 1GB of RAM and 1.83 GHz is fast enough to run and edit high quality videos smoothly? I'd just hate to purchase this smaller version of the MacBook and then realize after that it can't handle video editing as well as the bigger MacBook Pro can.

    Thanks in advanced for your help.

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    If video editing is the only thing you have to do then I don't think you will encounter any problems. Make sure you only run a few apps at a time and use the Activity Monitor to close resource hogging processes. 60GB might be a bit short if you intend to have a large video library, though.

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    well Video editing on iMovie is the main thing I plan on using it for. I'm sure ill use it to get on the internet a couple times and store a few pictures or type a few documents...but I dont plan on using it for any sort of video gaming or loading it up with music. Just mainly web surfing and video editing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
    Moved. Doesn't belong in The Lounge.
    Thanks, wasn't sure where to place it. Care to chime in on the question?

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    This is the absolute most basic first macbook every made. Not saying that that is a bad thing just something to keep in mind that it is going on 6 years old and computer tech moves fast.

    For basic editing I think it will be fine but if we are talking actually high quality (720p or more) it probably will stutter a quite a bit.

    If you dont mind my asking, what are they asking for the computer?

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    This won't be very satisfying for video editing high quality movies. If you want that, go for the Macpro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mini_mi View Post
    This won't be very satisfying for video editing high quality movies. If you want that, go for the Macpro.

    This machine will work just fine for other things, not for video editing I am afraid.
    Maybe that is not the answer you wanted to hear, just trying to manage your expectations.

    You could also have a look at the last version of the white MacBook, pretty nice machine according to my daughter and so far it has handled any video editing she has thrown at it very nicely.

    Cheers ... McBie
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