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    I bought a macbook 2 years ago to see whether I wanted to be a mac man. The answer was yes and in the next month I will buy a macbook pro! I want to take all of my programs, apps, documents, video's, music over to my new macbook pro although I do not have all of the installation discs etc. I also would like it to look the same as my macbook does with all my personal settings etc!

    I use time capsule

    Is there a way of doing this without having to re-download, buy re-installation disks and changing all the personal settings one by one on the new computer?


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    Mac 101: Time Machine

    Scroll down to: Restoring a Time Machine backup on a new Mac

    When you buy a new Mac, you can transfer all of your applications, files, settings, and other information from a Time Machine backup you've already made.

    You will be asked if you want to transfer files when you start up your new Mac for the first time. Or, you can use the Migration Assistant (located in Applications/Utilities).
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    My time machine is an eternal hard drive. Will this work just as well?

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    Yep! it's the whole point of backing up is to keep it on an external drive incase the internal drive dies or becomes corrupt!


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    You could also use OSXs built in Migration Assistant App to do this.

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    I was going to get one macbook pro for home and one for work. Could I do this on two separate computers? Or do will it only work on one?

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    You can use it on multiple computers. But you dont want to be breaking your terms and agreements on your software by putting it on multiple machines.

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    Of Course I would make sure that I have multiple licenses for each bit of software!

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